Friday, December 12, 2014

Picnic Party

In September we went to a massive picnic party in southern Ohio with my family. There were bouncy houses and yummy foods and all types of fun stuff.

This is my mom. I'm not sure exactly what she did to help get this party together but I'm sure it was a lot.

This is my sister. She did nothing to get the party set-up but she made it a lot of more fun while we were there.

My sister and my mom looking all adorable.

Of course, PJ liked the bouncy castles the best. Because, really, who wouldn't?!

 My husband took babywearing and cornhole to another awesome level by combining them together.

Matilda loved being worn so much that she actually ate in the Ergo. Cute, right?

The food spread was super yummy: fried chicken!!

Jelly Bean couldn't get enough of the chicken.

 Along with bouncy castles, cornhole, and yummy food, there were also hayrides!

As well as other rides, like this Ohio State themed one.

So much fun, so much fun and then add FACE PAINTING! PJ became SpiderMan! Check out them muscles.

On top of all that, balloons! Jelly Bean spent a lot of day with her grandpe, cruising around and eating chicken.

But, wait, there's more! A rocket launch! PJ and Grandpe decorated a rocket. Then Granny and PJ started to prepare it for the actual launch. It was complicated and took a looooooong time.

So while standing in line, everyone watched the other rockets taking off.  

At some point it was just too loud and PJ's enthusiasm started to wane.

 Then finally it was PJ's turn and his rocket SHOT up into the air! It was so exciting. The Mr. and PJ got to chase the rockets down.

Which may have been just as exciting as watching it shoot up in the first place.

Here is my little man with his exploded rocket, his SpiderMan face, and his dirty, dirty, dirty pants after one packed day.

Oh, and I was there too:


Monday, December 8, 2014

IRL: It Does Happen

When I was pregnant with PJ I got involved in an online group. Three years later, while visiting family in Ohio, three of us got together for a playdate. It was so wonderful to meet these women in person that I've shared some ups and downs with online.

And of course meet those adorable, adorable, adorable little ones!

The three mommies!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

First American Parade

While we were in the US visiting family and friends, PJ and Jelly Bean got to see their first American parade. It was everything one could hope for:

It started out with four gentlemen carrying the American flag with everyone standing to honor it as it passed.

Followed closely by a series of firetrucks and emergency vehicles.

So many firetrucks! So many family members!

A few more groups went past - mostly politicians - and then these fabulous motorcycles roared by.

Which was only topped by these vehicles goofying by.

And finally horses! Lots of horses!

With cowboys!

Cowboys that we know!

Even better: a cowgirl we know ON A HORSE!

All in all, it was a stupendous afternoon with lovely family members and yummy donuts.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Today is American Thanksgiving. I was reminded this morning of how much I have to be thankful for each and every day. The greatest is most certainly these healthy, healthy (yes twice because that is the most important), growing, changing, challenging, learning, and just all around wonderful children.

And, of course, the entirety that is the Steinbach Clan.




Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jelly Bean One Year

Jelly Bean turned one year old six weeks ago. What on earth happened? I mean, I usually time delay my posts and all that but SIX WEEKS for something so important?!?! And just a bunch of crickets here on Pickles and Onions?

The truth is, dear readers, is that my BABY turned one YEAR old. No more months, unless I do that creepy ‘my baby is 34 months old’ thing. Spoiler alter: aint gonna happen. My baby turned one and while my head got it and my heart celebrated it. My soul – and therefore the piece of me that writes – wasn’t ready for that. Nope, not at all.

But it happened. And it was wonderful.

It started early in the morning with some extra cuddles while the boys were bringing up the big birthday gift:

Here are the boys with the special gift.

Matilda took her time and then dove into her brand new toy kitchen.

Over maybe PJ did...

Then it was time to get dressed and open the gifts from our American family. So much adorable-ness!

And so many gifts!

Then PJ very excitedly gave Jelly Bean the gift he chose for her. There was a bit of confusion about who got to open the gift. First she was pretty insistent that she would open it.

But then PJ got a try.

Then she demanded it back.

And finally got it somewhat opened.

And that was the point that PJ couldn't wait any more.


He was so proud to give his little sister a gift. Jelly Bean was just thrilled to have Big Brother's undivided attention.

Then it was already time for our guests to arrive to help celebrate our healthy little girl.  


Since Jelly Bean still wasn't eating much sweet stuff and loved small pretzels and peanut butter, I made her a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and her favorite tiny pretzels. She loved it!

I wasn't too confident that the German guest would like peanut butter and chocolate, so I also made a vanilla cake and cupcakes with vanilla icing colored green and blue. Those came over well.

Of course we skyped in Granny and Grandpie too!

Before too long - and much faster than ever before - the party day was over, our guests were already leaving, and all four of us fell into our beds. A wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful, healthy little lady.

There we are. My beloved, wonderful, stubborn, clever and above all healthy little girl is already one year old. I'm honored to be your mommy.

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