Monday, September 21, 2009

Jet Lag Squared

This weekend we went to a tiny place in Ohio, close to Pittsburgh, to celebrate our friends' wedding. We flew there on Thursday; we flew home on Sunday, arriving Monday. Jet Lag Squared!

The trip started great: while checking in, the security lady asked if we had an electronic materials in our bags, like laptops, iPods, cameras....shit, we'd forgotten our camera. We flew from Germany to the US for a friend's wedding with no camera. Really, who accomplishes that one?

Mr. & Mrs. Steinbach, that's who. Always settin' the bar high.

Anyways, that was followed up by a restful *ha* flight to Charlotte and a tight transfer, during which we met some lovely, lovely passport-checking-peps; Domi was fingerprinted and got a mug shot based on the probable cause of his not-Americanism; grabbed our bags; ran through customs; rechecked our bags; and sprinted to catch our second plane to Pittsburgh.

Which we missed by a grand total of 2 minutes. It was still sitting there and everything.
Again, settin' the bar high.

We took the chance to try some "native" food: bbq beef something, with deep fried somethings, and sweet baked beans. Some wicked food - and wicked is not used positively here. Thankfully we were able to squeeze onto the next plane to Pittsburgh and still got to have dinner with dear old buddy, G-Funk.*

Then we got into our rental car and coasted along a few tiny roads, each leading deeper and deeper into the country complete with rolling hills, tractors, barns, and missing streetlights. Around midnight - 24 hours after we started our trip - we reached our hotel to learn that they had "lost" our reservation and were all booked up.

What a lovely little surprise - "lost" hotel rooms, sounds like something from Harry Potter. And, with all the due respect due to tiny, tiny Ohio town outside of Pittsburgh: how on earth could you be booked out? What was going on that your hotel rooms were all booked out?

Never mind, we'd rather not know. Really.

In any case, a slight flip out and quick phone calls later, we had the honor of staying with the Mrs-to-be's family. Never have we been so happy to see a bed. Never have we fallen asleep so quickly and with such gratitude.** The whole cracked-out hotel thing ended up to be a blessing in disguise. It was fabulous to catch up her family and they definitely needed a few more helping hands - even if they were jet lagged, slightly goofy & giggly hands.

The wedding was beautiful: cozy, quiet, outside, and right-sized (read: quick). The Mrs. cried, but who would have expected anything else, really? The food was fabulous; the cake was To. Die. For.; there were unlimited buckeyes; people were great; we danced like fools; and two of the best people we know have taken the plunge into the sea of marriage. I'm not a fortune teller - but these two have a good chance at making each other happy and being happy together for good.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Tamburo! You are both lucky fools to have each other!

The trip home was boring.


* Great pics, lady.
** Mr. will edit this one if he disagrees.

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karl and mandy brown said...

It was good to meet both of you as well. Glad to see you also have a blog. We hope to keep in touch. Give us a call if you are ever in Minneapolis...or if you need any advice on where to go in Colorado. :)

Mandy and Karl Brown (Kerbrownstein)

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