Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Yes, yes, after four months of patience, we've uploaded pictures to snapfish - even wedding pictures. :D

American wedding complete (905 pics)
American wedding sorted (257 pics)
German wedding complete (484)

We chose to put these on snapfish because snapfish can be viewed in your language almost anywhere in the world. And, you can order copies, make gifts, etc. and have the prints delivered to any address in country of choice. Feel free to go wild....just no t-shirts with our faces on 'em, okay? :D


1 comment:

Nancy said...

How exciting to get your wedding pictures done. My daughter left me to take care of that! You look beautiful.

Thank you for the 911 comment on my blog. I agree with the fact that everyone has a feeling about what happened - and they are not all the same. My hope is that it never happens again, to anyone, anywhere.

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