Sunday, October 18, 2009


The world is full of contradictions – not just our personal relationship or our professional activities – but throughout our entire world. Take just for example the recent, and quite contradictory activities, regarding the environment taking place in Moscow and in the Maldives: one country wants to control the natural flow of weather through chemicals regardless of the impacts; the other wants to also, in a way, control the environmental issues we face globally through raising awareness of the activities we undertake without considering the impacts.

So, should it really surprise us when we love someone but don’t always ‘ride the same wave’ as they do? For example, the Mrs. is more than happy to dive into a book, any book, for hours, while the Mr. is more than happy to dive into World of Warcraft for hours. For us both the outside world ceases to exist and yet neither of us gets how the other person can possibly spend hours with their hobby and consider it enjoyable.

One could say that all four parties have the same general goal – control the environment or step out of the here-and-now to enjoy a hobby – and yet take different approaches to reach said goal. Think large here, my dear friends and family.

The Mrs. supposes that the secret is to find someone that has the similar set of goals and values, regardless of their approach (within the limits of reason, of course) and then accept it. With a smile, a laugh, and large amount of loving teasing in both directions.

But what does the she really know after less than six months of marriage?



karl and mandy brown said...

It was great to meet the two of you, too, at the Tamburo wedding. I remember your travels to PGH were not the most pleasant, but I didn't realize how truly of an ordeal they were until reading your post on it. Woah. It makes a 'boring' return trip sound almost wonderful. Glad to hear you've picked up the dinner-role technique with a fork. Every time I try to cut a dinner roll with a knife, it gets all squished and thus not very accepting of butter. The fork works out much better, imho. Again, good to meet you, thanks for finding us, and keep in touch. Cheers.


Erica Lynn said...

I had a very long comment typed and it lost it. I need to strangle an internet hamster.

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