Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Years Ago Today; 6 Months Ago Today

20 years ago today a wall fell in Berlin, forever changing the past, present, and future. Something that no one believed would happen in the foreseeable future happened anyway. Fate waits for no man, it seems.

The Mr. and the Mrs. were both eight years old. The Mr. lived in West Germany and claims he doesn't recall all that much from the day beyond watching the news with his dad. The Mrs. lived in the US and has strong memories of that day, the pictures, the impromptu celebrations, the feelings, and my grandmother crying happily on the couch.

Now that we magically located each other and both live here in the united Germany, the anniversary celebrations cannot be missed – the best, in Mrs’ humble opinion is this art installation.

A smaller, less global celebration is also underway: the new Steinbach clan is officially six months old today.


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