Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mrs. Turns 29 for the First Time

Happy First 29th Birthday to the Mrs!

We spent the weekend in Berlin, with two friends. It was amazing to be in a major city, with a major history: Brandenburgertur, Reichstag, Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie, etc. It really is true what people say, the people of Berlin have their own manner of speaking, of dressing, of moving. A great manner. And since it has been 20 years since the fall of the wall, there were a number of exhibits around the city that brought history to life.

We even visited a friend who recently moved into her new apartment - in a building literally built next to where the wall once way. Oh, how the world changes.

And naturally, the Mrs. got some great gifts. And one has to admit that one is getting older when a handheld vacuum is exciting:

And yes, the vacuum was given to the Mrs. from the Mr.


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