Thursday, November 5, 2009

PostWedding Isn't PreWedding

For the first time in over one year PostWedding is not PreWedding. How 'bout that! We are all married now: the Steinbachs; the Tamburos; the Jettons. Each wedding was different and each was stunningly beautiful and touching in their own ways.

Congrats to the three new families!

Over the past 10 days the Mr. and Mrs. were in Dayton, Ohio helping the new Jettons prepare for their wedding. The Mr. spent each morning sleeping, playing computer, or just chilling around. The Mrs. ran all over the place with the bride-to-be, completing To Dos and chatting with little sis. It was by far the best trip we've had to the States this year (maybe ever). In the end, and as always, the wedding went off extremely well and there are pictures here.

There are also pictures of the Cassidy pre-Christmas gift exchange...


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