Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeping Busy is the Best Treatment

These days I'm on homestay on doctor's orders and trying to get 'all better'. And since I've been known to be übergut with free, empty time...I'm getting through homestay and trying to get all better through the invention and completion of projects.

Project One:
Get Christmas tree in the house and into its stand. This one was quickly accomplished with the Mr. easily, happily, and in the rain. It took a little bit to bring it into the house, but we finally did it.

Peewee likes the tree too. Ornaments and candles will be put onto it this Saturday.

Project Two:
Two friends came around to join in the adventure of baking cookies together. I’m not a big fan of ‘real’ Christmas cookies, and surprisingly, they weren’t either. So we created chocolate cookies shaped like little pretzels (yummy); cookies with walnuts and chocolate (yummy); chocolate chip cookies with handmade chips (yummy); and licorice rock candy (not so much).

Here are the handmade chips:

Lesson learned: stick with the chocolate recipes cause that’s what we know best.

Project Three:
I'm not a huge fan of white kitchens, but our apartment came with one of the nicest kitchens ever, and it just happens to be a creamy, white color. I've wanted to paint the background ever since we moved in so that the kitchen could POP out and I finally got it done.

It was a very structured, well-prepared project and took a total of, maybe three hours. I knew what I didn’t want, so I did a quick google-search for warm colors, clicked around and 20 minutes later set out to the local hardware store with the color ‘coral’ in mind. There the owner and I talked about light and feeling and agreed on a color. I paid, walked home and threw it on the wall.


And I love it.

More photos on snapfish.

...and, I'm sure, more projects to come...hopefully more time intensive.


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