Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turkey Turkey Turkey & Some Stuffing

We invited Dominik's family for a full ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ this afternoon. The prep for the dinner ended up being Project 4 as I kept myself busy with searching, shopping, and preparing the right dishes and stuff on Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday we got the stuffing together as well as prepped as many dishes as possible; today I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to stick the turkey in the oven and drink coffee. Lots of coffee.

Based on the Lambert Lessons, the turkey ended up fab.u.lous and you are all jealous that you weren’t here for it. :)

The stuffing was a great recipe from the Food Network, a favorite website of mine. It has apple, celery, cranberry, and sausage in it. I also added cashews because I like them. It ended up excellent. Unfortunately I couldn’t find quality sausage that wasn’t already in intestine (yes, you read that right), I got to “free” one entire kilo, piece by piece. It looked something like this:

And I was about this happy with the experience:

In the end, although the recipe said it would fill one large pan, I ended up with this amount of stuffing:

We have a ton left over, and I’m looking forward to each bite. All in all it was a great afternoon with the greater Steinbach Family, what a group of good-looking peps.

More pictures here. 


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