Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve in Germany has a certain charm. First there are about four weeks of everyone asking everyone what they are doing on New Years Eve but not making any concrete plans unless plane tickets are involved.

Then in the last three days suddenly everyone has definite ideas of what they want to do and still no plans. On the second to last day everyone finally has their plans....sorta. You really only know if people have finalized their plans when they show up. :D

The usual night looks like:
1. Dinner together to eat and drink far too much. This year we hosted at our house with raclette.
2. The entire group scrambles towards an open area with X bottles of sekt and X*30 fireworks. For the next 20 minutes everyone puts off the fireworks with more or less success – and the people in the area duck and weave with astounding success considering the alcohol content*

Yes, you read that correctly: drunk people with their families put off fireworks and everything works out just fine. Each and every year. In fact, in my five years of celebrating New Years Eve here I’ve never experienced something as little as a broken sekt glass. I have, however, dramatically improved my duck and weave moves.

Hope your entry into 2010 has been fabulous! This is going to be a good year.

*on a side note, I’m pretty sure the average German could teach a number of NFL players about the duck and weave move. Especially with full hands.


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