Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Power of the PS3

I gave the Mr. a PS3 for Christmas. For those of you from my tribe (the non-geeks) out there a PS3, also called “Playstation 3”, is the top of the top for video game playing these days. Cheap it isn't but the Mr. so rarely joneses after something for so long, that I splurged with our money and surprised him with it on Christmas Eve.

He was thrilled. I was thrilled. Everyone was just thrilled.


Until the Mr. and his brother began to claim that for the PS3 to work, we can't have one of these

(our TV isn't this old. Its maybe one generation younger)

We need one of these

I was not thrilled, assuming that this verbal exchange was another example of the Mr.'s very charming inability to use the English verbs "need" and "want" correctly. Silly boy, always confusing them. Charming really. The Mr. was not thrilled with my reaction.

However, upon plugging in said PS3 into said TV, I was proven wrong. It is truly need - the Mr. is rapidly going blind while defeating zombies in Resident Evil Whatever-Number; exploring hand-to-hand combat in Tekken; and rescuing some world in that Other Game With The Creepy Name. The Mr. was thrilled I said “need” and I was not thrilled at the sound of our money rushing towards the technology store.

Long story, short: Wish us happy shopping.

Interesting side note: although forced to sit almost on top of the TV to see basically nothing, males are lining up outside and inside our apartment to exert extreme effort on plastic buttons. Exhibit A:


Lessons learned: Non-geeks out there, go geek shopping with a geek. Never alone. You don't know what to ask and your surprise gift for someone else might just end up surprising you. And buy extra beer for all the good people that will be around and enjoy the ride!


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Teresa said...

wow. aren't computer things WONDERFUL... welcome to my world sister <3

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