Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

The Mr. and I had a great Valentine's weekend. On Friday Mr. surprised me with beautiful flowers and a fabulous bottle of wine, Bordeaux, my favorite. Together we cooked dinner and then enjoyed fun conversation. An excellent couple night.

Then on Saturday we went to Tübingen to visit a PostSecret auf Deutsch exhibit in the local museum. The exhibit was part of a larger one that brought together different collections - figures from Lords of the Rings, feathers, Elvis stuff - and it was inspiring to see what others collect. There was also a person who collected everything turtle who was much worse off than Little One.

We also took some time to wander through the little village, which has numerous very old, well-kept houses; a sprawling castle upon a large hill; and lovely people. One person was so kind that she took a break in her weekend errands to walk us through the twisting streets to the museum.*

The view from the castle hill, towards the village center.

Inside the village center.

Next to the castle is one very happy couple.

*That will be paid forward more times that imaginable!


Teresa said...

your red coat is beautiful.

i don't have THAT much of a turtle collection =)

Pickles and Onions said...

that's what all turtle collecting people say!

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