Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whoosh; Whoosh; Plop

While the East Coast of the United States has been getting pummeled with snow and Vancouver is trucking and flight lifting snow in to host the winter Olympics - here in southern Germany we have had just the right amount. It stays on the ground, making everything look a little bit more magical and the roads just slippy enough to divide the thoughtless from the thoughtful drivers.
From one of windows, it looks like this:

No need to let the snow go to waste so last week Mr. and a few friends decided to go skiing on a little mountain only a few hours from where we live. A very dear friend (also known as the Mrs' sanity from 2002-2004) was visiting her homeland from Russia and she was able to come along.

The slopes aren’t that great there but good for us slower folk. The two better-than-beginners spent a good amount of time with:
Whoosh. (carve)
Whoosh. (carve)
Plop. (sit/fall/break)

It took us a little while to get down the mountains, which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the views and be a little goofy, especially since the weather was very, very good to us:

Meanwhile (back at the ranch), the Mr. and his crew were whipping the mountain into shape. I’m pretty sure it took them more time to ride up the mountain than to ski/snowboard down it! I had to steal these pictures* of the Mr. and the entire crew from a friend; our camera doesn’t take pictures that fast and those professionals are like natural rockets with no fear and no breaks.

Still, the Mr. found some time to practice his “Germany’s Next Top Model winter pose”:

Which I had to naturally counter with my “America’s Next Top Model winter pose”:

Who won?

*want excellent pictures? Go to

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