Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are we already back?

Howdy folks. Hope you've enjoyed your little break from Pickles and Onions because the blog is going to be super busy over the next few weeks. We've just returned from our four week trip to New Zealand to celebrate getting married and being alive. I'm proud to confirm that we did both in great qualities and with impeccable quality.

Naturally we took far too many pictures – way over 500 – and experienced too many things to share them here in one little blog entry. And, really, who wants to look through 500 pictures of someone else’s vacation? And, while we are being honest here, who wants to look through 100 pictures without some context?

Exactly, none of us do.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sorting through the many pics and my faithful journal entries to bring the best of the best here to you the faithful readers of Pickles and Onions. Be excited and be involved. Got questions? Got comments? Post ‘em below under “Comments”.

Your wish = (almost) my command.

To start us off, a taster:
Mr. and Mrs. Steinbach at the beginning of the trip in a place called Christchurch.

Mr. and Mrs. Steinbach at the end of the trip in Sydney on a ferry.

Notice the sweet sunglasses - the Kiwis know sunglasses - and the killer tans. Okay, just one tan, but the I did get some red!



aline said...

like ***

Teresa said...

i am a little put off that there are no stars on those sunglasses... Dom! You both look great! Glad to hear that you are safe back at home and that you had a wonderful time =)

Pickles and Onions said...

I was so sad when my red, star-filled sunglasses broke. But no fear, I saved all the parts and they will be fixed!

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