Monday, May 24, 2010

Ice Hockey!

Recently a few of my colleagues and the Mr. enjoyed a night of ice hockey* during the world championships, which for whatever reason were being held in Germany. We got to watch the Swiss play Canada. We were rooting for Canada, and the Mr. was super prepared with the appropriate mittens and attitude:

I got to sit next to one of the best watch-a-live-game-with fans ever, the delightful P-lady who made the game far more exciting than it really was.

Unfortunately the Swiss had far more to celebrate than the Canadians, and they did it in Super Size.

In the end, the night totally got a thumbs-up

As always, if you'd like a pic taken down, just pop me a line.

*before we get into the hockey vs. ice hockey conversation: Its on ice. Therefore it is ice hockey. And this is my blog anyway.

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