Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scuba Scuba

While the Mr. has both experience and a scuba diving license, I have never fulfilled my dream of scuba diving. After the Mr’s first, very positive experience with Porpoise Dive in Bay of Islands, we decided to fulfill my dream with a discovery dive.

Our guides were the fabulous couple Trevor and Bev, two dedicated scuba divers with excellent humor, the ability to make anyone feel secure and happy, and over 30 years of experience. Trevor also has an excellent tattoo with accompanying story and Bev a very deep understanding for the requirement of ‘lady space’ in wet suits. Thankfully, and for the first time, I had enough space up top and some space to expand down below.

First we took a little boat about 45 minutes out; I survived (barely) seasickness with stomach contents intact. The Mr. did a dive on a purposefully sunken ship, the HMNZS Canterbury, with Trevor and another experienced diver.

That dive was, in the Mr.’s words, “fück!ng geil!”

Then the two newbies, Michael and Nicole, learned how to breathe underwater under Bev's carefully instruction. The worst, worst, worst part is the first breath underwater. The worst, worst part is the second breath underwater. The logical survival-is-important mind wasn’t open to breathing in pure water. But after the first five breaths – I was off!

During my first dive, I got to try out this whole scuba thing – better than expected – and see some lovely, lovely fish. I successfully stayed under water and cruised along behind Bev. In fact I was told repeatedly that I’m quite the natural, and it’s been documented*!

We actually stayed under water for between 30 and 45 minutes. It was fabulous, fabulous but also a little tiring.
After a lunch break with yummy sweets, all four divers got into the water to scuba around a highly populated underwater rock. Michael and I, the less experienced, stayed towards the top of the rock, while the experience divers took off for the bottom of the rock.

There were tons of fish swimming around and even some rays! At the beginning of the dive, Trevor, the profi, very calmly tapped my arm and pointed towards a swimming ray. A swimming ray, swimming in our direction! I urgently grabbed at his arm in panic while the ray calmly, delicately, much like a Budda swam past us on his way to wherever he was headed. I’m sure it was feet and feet away from us, but for little ole me from southern Ohio, it was a little surprising for me! Especially when they are this big (regardless that these are indeed the “small” ones):

All in all, it was a great experience and will absolutely be repeated!

The scuba honeymooners

More pictures on Snapfish.
*p.s. Shortly before 30, I still haven’t figured out how to properly write the ‘e’ at the end of my name. Sorry Mrs. Nolan, I know you tried hard in 2nd grade to teach me how to ‘bring it to a good end’ but I’m still so lazy.


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