Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bike Ride Paradise

Today was a local celebration to get people outside and on their bikes. The Mr. and I took advantage of it and enjoyed a massive bike ride in perfect weather for it: just warm enough that it wasn’t cold and still cool enough that biking keeps you just warm enough.

First we rode our bikes from our home to the local train station and took a “before” picture.

Then we enjoyed a local train ride to the city where the party started. Thank goodness for public transportation!

The fun started immediately.

We biked along the river Neckar, enjoying beautiful scenes...

....and then through open fields and little villages.

Then we stumbled upon a real treasure, in front of which I absolutely just had to pose.

Just to make sure you also get the chance to wonder in the beauty, a close up:

Then we stumbled upon a small ferry across the Neckar and hopped right on.

Finally we reached the second major city on our trip and grabbed some African food from the little festival there. With the World Cup in South Africa this year, Africa is finally in trend!

And then we got ourselves finally home - to lots and lots of water – and the “after” picture.



Teresa said...

It looks like you had a great day!

Teresa said...

sunnin shades. btw

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