Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happily Married: Grocery Shopping

Dearest readers, I do not grocery shop. I mean, I pop in and grab a few apples or a bottle of wine but the actually grocery shopping? Not so much. My role is more along the lines of writing down what we need and waiting (with minimal complaining) for the grocery fairy to bring along the miracle of groceries in our pantry and refrigerator.

Thankfully I married a man who believes that the role of grocery fairy is a good one; who holds the opinion that I am a wretched grocery fairy; and assumes happily (?) the job with all of its advantages and disadvantages. Well, unless, he thinks I’ve been a little too picky or too thankless about the grocery fairy recently. Then he suddenly won’t have ‘time’ and will nicely ask if I might please do the shopping this one time. Actually, ignore the words ‘nicely’ and ‘ask’ there: the Mr. clearly states that I’m going shopping. Clever, clever man I married.

I suppose I have been rather picky and unthankful recently because this week the Mr. turned to me and said, “I won’t have time to go shopping. Could you go?” (It wasn’t a question, ignore the punctuation)

So, I went grocery shopping on Friday on my lunch break. And the experience once again confirmed that I don’t grocery shop. There are just too many darn options. The shelves are set up all levels of strange. The lines are long and annoying. The cashiers are less than friendly. The bags on the walk home and then up the four flights of stairs are heavy. Unpacking the bags is annoying. The Mr. reminding me that I missed stuff or bought the work things or, well, just didn’t do as good a job as the official grocery fairy.

To get the full scope of what I’m talking about here: the building with the blue roof is the store where I do my grocery shopping. The picture is taken from the inside of our house, so its not the farthest of walks:

The 3 flights of stairs we climb each day:

The groceries we require for a long weekend with guests:

So another trip to being happily married from Mrs. Steinbach: say thank you each and every day to the grocery fairy. No, actually, say thank you twice a day.



UD09 said...


Petra said...

try ordering food on amazon! But wait - small city = no service. Another pro for Berlin... we get our stuff to our door every week from an online service ( which allows your fairy to sit even longer hours before his laptop. now what a great motivation is that on top of a 'thank you'! Cheers, Petra

MrsJ said...

aw, but we had fun grocery shopping!!! remember, that day when we got lots of candies and yummy foods?!?!

you are lucky that you have a grocery fairy.

i think that you should say thank you twice a day and give back rubs, foot rubs, bake pies, and clean the toilets once a day... OH, can you forward this last part to your hubby for me? THX!!!

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