Sunday, August 8, 2010

Naked Hikers Are Not Normal

Last weekend the Mr. and I helped celebrate a special person’s 40th birthday in a very tiny town called Silz in the Pfalz, also called the “Rhineland-Palatinate” in English. We stayed in a gem of a hotel with excellent hosts, comfortable rooms, a very chilly swimming pool, and a yummy breakfast buffet. There were seven of us in total, ranging from “a little older than mid-forties” to almost 30. While the Mr. and I had to suffer through a few “aren’t you both still so young” ribbings, I think the old people really held their own weight.*

On the first evening, we each enjoyed our personal water weight in wine. This led to rolling laughter, fabulous jokes (even my mother’s groan inducing mole-ass joke hit the table), and particularly fantastic dancing to the piped in music. I recall Abba being quite enthusiastically welcomed by us all. And all of this in the biergarten of an unsuspecting and completely empty restaurant, to the great amusement of the owners.

On the second evening we all went to a wine festival in a neighboring village and enjoyed conversation, chilled wine, and yummy flammkuchen.

*The old folks actually took a four-hour hike while the two ‘babies’ stayed in the hotel and slept off the wine. On said hike the folks stumbled onto four to eight (number unclear) hikers enjoying the summer air while wearing backpacks, socks, and hiking boots. And. Nothing. Else. I swear naked hiking is not normal in Germany, but I’m still a little sad our friends failed to get a picture!

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