Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Things to Smile About

Its a three-day weekend in Canada and the US. In celebration of the three free days, I'm sharing three things to smile about.

On the way to meet a beautiful little girl and her fabulous parents this weekend, I walked past some outrageously dyed flowers. They made me smile so brightly that I had to take them along for my visit.

It turns out that the little girl I got to meet is not only clever and beautiful, but she also shares one of my nicknames: Bug-a-boo. We just know she is going turn out to an absolute rock star!

The lovely colleagues that I’m working with here invited me along for one night in Whistler, a so-called "resort municipality" about two hours outside of Vancouver. Here are lovely ladies and a sneak peak of the beautiful environment that surrounds Whistler. More pictures will follow soon.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those flowers have turned the water purple!! Too funny! And our clever happy bug-a-boo would be very lucky to follow in the great path of her nicknamesake's footsteps! SO lovely to see you again!

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