Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Little Tidbit – Sharing Shoes

The Mr. is about 4 inches taller than I am. I can easily fit the top of head under his chin. Yet, we wear the same size shoe. It is fun for me because I get to slip into and out of his shoes whenever I want to. The Mr. loves this about me, almost as much as when I hound him about new home improvement projects. It isn’t as much fun for the Mr, since he isn’t really all that interested in the majority of my shoes.

While in Italy the Mr. and I took a hike and his bad knee started hurting again. That made him not happy.

I was wearing my Nike Free, so we decided that we’d take advantage of our identical shoe size and swap shoes.

It was a successful change. We both got to enjoy the rest of the hike pain free, including:

A view onto the lake

Fairy mushrooms

The valley where we got engaged. We sat underneath the tree that has been since been cut down.

And even took a little moment for a kiss.


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