Friday, October 8, 2010

Ze Germans are Everywhere!

And aren’t they great.

I’m in Ireland this weekend and I first had the great pleasure of driving the wonderful (sarcasm meant) Irish roads in the dark to a location I’ve never been to before. It was a lovely, non-stress experience (sarcasm meant, again). But I did indeed find my target location without major incident and only a few wrong turns, and aren’t we all pleased about that one?

In the super cozy pub attached to my hotel I accidentally met some excellent tourists on their first trip to Ireland. They just happened to be from Germany. Since they will most likely never read this blog - though I totally pitched it to them - and I have no photographic proof…my view of the conversation.

Over Guinness and cider we talked about all those topics one “shouldn’t” talk about: politics, the history of Germany, the status of foreigners, the craziness about September 11, 2001, and comedians. I know I should have enjoyed the comedians part the most - but I actually appreciated their trust and openness in covering the other topics with me, a certified foreigner. I even have the accent, American passport, and German visa to prove it.

So this is my open letter to them. Thank you Robert and Anja for sharing your views. Thank you for being controversial. And thank you for referring to us, the foreigners, a part of the greater society, as “ausländische Mitbürger".

Thanks for a great evening. Next beer is totally on me.

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