Friday, December 24, 2010

The Buckeye Makes Her First Buckeyes

Being from Ohio, I grew up surrounded by the word buckeye. We use it for all sorts of stuff: our state is “The Buckeye State”; our beloved college football team is “The Ohio State Buckeyes”; our state tree is the proud Buckeye; and we call ourselves “Buckeyes”. According to Wikipedia, there is even a type of chicken and a butterfly from Ohio named after the buckeye. Who knew?

Growing up my favorite use of buckeye was for the extremely rich, belly-ache-causing cookies called – what else? – the Buckeye. Buckeye cookies are made with a no-bake peanut butter, sugar, and butter batter that is frozen before they are dunked half-way into melted chocolate, resulting in the cookie that looks like the buckeye tree’s seeds.

These cookies are fabulous and are usually the first cookies to disappear at any social, any time of year. I have a memory of a summer picnic in which I attempted to ensure my buckeye cookies supply by storing them in the pocket of my pants. Since they aren’t cooked and never get hard, they melted into the cotton of my pants. My mother was less than pleased at the discovery and I recall trying to suck the melted remains out of the cotton.

Needless to say, I haven’t ever seen a buckeye cookie over here in Germany-land. So this year I decided it was high-time for me to give my hand at making the cookies myself. Turns out they are really easy to make and just as rich and belly-ache-causing as I recall. The recipe I used is available online here.
You can take the girl outta Ohio, but you can't take the Ohio outta the girl. And I might just be getting some Ohio into the German.

ps - was anyone out there aware the Ohio state rock song is "Hang on Sloopy"????? Want to know why - check out Wikipedia here. Watch the The Best Damn Band in the Land play the song here.


Tony said...

The alternate definition for Buckeye is much better. It makes me giggle when thinking about how much stuff in Ohio is named after buckeyes.

Pickles and Onions said...

Giggle away, Tony!

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