Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fondue Surprise

I recently stumbled upon another undiscovered delight: I was introduced to meat fondue. I’ve enjoyed cheese and chocolate fondue before - okay, I really enjoyed the chocolate, not so much the cheese – who likes melted cheese? – but I had no idea that there was meat fondue.

Essentially two pots of oil are heated to boiling over little gas heaters in the center of the table. Then the people sharing the meal choose a square or two of raw turkey, pork, beef, or chicken, push them onto a little metal stick, place them into the oil, and boil them until done. The boiled meat is accompanied by potatoes, salad, mushrooms, and various sauces.

In short, meat fondue = yummy.

Beyond the flavor of the meal, the real joy of cheese, meat, or chocolate fondue is how long it lasts and, especially, how much conversation takes place around the table. It’s the real family meal. By the time I took this picture, we'd spent two hours chatting together.


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jadamsmassmann said...

(Sounds tasty for meat-eaters. But one question: Who doesn't like melted cheese?! Pizza, raclette, pasta with cheese? I enjoy cheese fondue with the right wine or tea and I LOVE raclette. Sigh. Now you've made me hungry...)

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