Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Infestation Continues

In September 2009 our apartment experienced a sudden and intense World of Warcraft dork infestation. I undertook some pretty drastic measures at the time but, like some former presidents were all know, I celebrated a little too early and on December 7, 2010 the infestation returned.

This time it started at midnight and lasted until almost five in the morning to 'commemorate' the unveiling of and the dive into the “Cataclysm” add-on. Furniture was rearranged, naps were taken, beer was enjoyed, and hearts were racing in joy – thankfully I slept right through it.

Oh, but aren’t they adorable?

And I do have to admit that the add-on looked pretty darn cool. You can see one of the thousands – the infestation is a global issue and counts in the millions – of videos here.

1 comment:

Tethas said...

and we still have fun :D

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