Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patchworking Turns into Quilting

More than a few months later, I’ve finally picked up my patchwork project again to cross the magical line between patchworking and quilting. Patchworking is sewing together various patches to create a pattern, however simple or complex. Quilting is the stitching that - again, however simple or complex - holds the patchwork pattern, the lining, and the backside together.

And now I really understand why quilts are so darn expensive. I estimate I’ve already put 60 hours into the project picking out the (very simple) design; choosing the fabric; cutting the squares; completing the patchworking; chosing and sewing the two frames; and preparing to quilt. For the (again, very simple) quilting, I think I’ve already put in about 10 hours and I think I’ve got another 10 or so to go.

The before picture is available on the blog entry “Patchwork Project #1”. Here is a picture from before I moved towards the quilting. Although I've put in a lot of work, you can't really see the difference in the pictures, just with your eyes and your hands. I'll put up some more when I wrap up the project.

Even though this has been far more time consuming than I ever expected, I’m already dreaming of my next two projects!



Teresa said...

nicole = next martha WHAT!!!

congratulations on your beautiful work

Pickles and Onions said...

Thanks! But I think I will allow Martha to keep her thron ;)

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