Monday, January 31, 2011

Expanding, expanding

My belly popped out in grand fashion last week in Moscow which led to a shocked moment when I realized that we are about halfway through this pregnancy. I mean, didn’t I just pee on a stick last week?!? But nope, welcome to week 19/20!

When we first arrived in Moscow, we snapped a quick picture in front of that really, really famous church – which is even more beautiful in person than in pictures.

 Right before we left, we snapped another one. Anyone else notice the shocking growth pattern?

I’m round and I’m just going to get rounder – how about that?


1 comment:

jadamsmassmann said...

You look awesome! Glowing and what a beautiful little baby bump! :-) When do you find out the gender, or are you going to wait? Hugs from HD!

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