Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bed to Dream About

I put a lot of importance and value on a good bed because I enjoying spending long hours reading, talking on the phone, sleeping, and other stuff in my bed. I use to love eating in my bed, under the covers, feeling decadent, but when I started sharing one with the Mr, he put a dramatic stop to that. At least he made it up to me by bringing an excellent bed into our shared apartment.

Our bed is excellent: simple and handmade in warm wood, with a mattress that is soft enough to hug me but hard enough to hold me up. Yet, while in Ireland, staying at the lovely Mount Vernon, I got to sleep in a bed to dream about. The mattress was just as good as the bed is beautiful. The house is charming and the hosts welcoming but it was the bed that was the toughest to leave behind.


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