Thursday, March 10, 2011

Furry Family

My sister Little One and her hubby have been quite busy over the past two years setting up their family. They’ve gone from a family of three to six. Six, that’s just crazy, especially since we’d only met one of the little ones. But during our trip, we got to meet the entire crew.

Meet Ninja, the Queen of the family

Thor the teaser/tormentor

CoCo the friendliest

And finally, Diamond, the largest

They’ve totally got their hands full! Think our little one will be easier than their pack or not?



Erica Lynn said...

Ninja looks like she wants to karate chop the camera

Teresa said...

oh, she will! just when you are not expecting it! as i type thor is attacking the tv trying to get at the letters moving across. aw.... our babies! they are all so wonderful! i think that your little one is going to be more of a hand full... coco is close behind!

MrsJ said...

AW!! My buddies! Coco looks so so small in her picture; Thor look much smaller in his; Ninja is the same in size and attitude; poor Diamond is in heaven but I'm sure she is just as crazy up there as she was down here =] I'm excited for you to see the three nut jobs again soon!!!!

Pickles and Onions said...

We are really looking forward too! :)

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