Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dry Clothes Made Easy

After eight years of hanging clothes to dry, I, okay, we are now the proud owners of a dryer. We hesitated for so long due to:
  • Space – we don’t have that much and neither of us are willing to walk up and down three flights of stairs to the “washing cellar”
  • Cost of machine – these things cost a serious amount of money
  • Cost of energy – dryers are massive energy suckers and electricity is expensive
  • Clothes stay nicer longer when slower dried in fresh air – totally true and while one needs some patience, I’ve got t-shirts that are over five years old and look great
But with our little worm on his way and our tentative plan to use cloth diapers, common sense prevailed. Neither of us good imagine hanging that amount of clothing all over our already cozy apartment for the rest of our lives.

So, after months of research, discussion, and bouncing ideas off people, we finally chose an energy- efficient, small dryer. It was delivered last week and I have only positive things to say about it. Forget penguins or vrom vroms (also called “handheld vacuums”), I'm in love with our dryer.







Teresa said...

congratulations sister!!! super exciting! question though. your washer makes noise of a plane. does your dryer sound like a helocopter? i'm excited to see, and hear, all of your updates to you home!

Anna E. said...

Tentatively use cloth?? Go into it 100%, its not that bad and I have loads of advice if you need it. BTW, I hang all my diapers to dry cause 1) dryers wear them out much too fast 2) they take 60min or more to dry in my electrical dryer and 3) sunning them outside during the summer actually helps deodorize and destain them. I wish you luck and look me up if you have questions! -Anna

Pickles and Onions said...

Teresa: I totally forgot about that night! I guess you'll just have to come and check out the dryer yourself, cause I still don't get the airplane/washer comparison. :)

Anna: Thanks for your tips! I will be dropping you a note.

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