Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Sun is Out!

One thing I love about warm, sunny weather in Germany, are the hours spent on our balcony. Last year we finally bought a teak table we can leave outside as well as a sun-umbrella. Both have added immensely to our balcony enjoyment, the second coming in very handy to protect my lovely pale skin that loves to burn.

As spring turns to summer and then into fall, we are known to eat every meal outside (when it isn’t raining) and then fill weekend hours on our balcony reading, chatting, and the like. Today is a typical day, starting with a relaxed breakfast in the morning shade, followed by quiet hours as the sun crosses the sky, banishing away the shade.

By noon I usually slip into my bikini and pretend this is the year I’m going to tan and not just burn and then return to white. By two, latest three, I have to abandon the balcony and my sun-umbrella for real cover, no matter how much sunscreen I put on or how many passing clouds. This is especially true now, when I have so much more skin to care for: 



Anonymous said...!!

Lookin good pregnant sista! :)

Mary Craig said...

Hey, N, did my photo album inspire you?

Pickles and Onions said...

yes, Mary, inspired!

Teresa said...

that is awesome! He is getting so big!

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