Friday, May 27, 2011

Colorado in the House

This week a Colorado cousin and two of her college friends stopped over in Heidelberg as part of their six week trip around Europe. Together we took a quick tour of the Thingstätte (in German only) and the monastery ruins above Heidelberg, followed by the mandatory Heidelberg castle tour by yours truly.

It was good fun to meet two new good people and get to know my cousin a little bit more. Listening to their stories and their plans, I was reminded of the awesome trips from my late teens and 20 around the US and the world, first to Spain, Bolivia, and then all over Europe with a short pop to India, and finally New Zealand (link leads to collection of all New Zealand related posts) and Australia. Those trips changed my life: it changed how I think, feel, and act. They opened my eyes and my heart, leading me away from where I shouldn’t and couldn’t be and bringing me to where I should be - which is here with my Mr. Onion awaiting our first little bundle of joy.

Looking back the trip that I carry with me the most was also my first time out of the US when I went to Spain to study abroad. It was tough and lonely and frustrating and a hell of a lot of fun. It was also the first time I realized that just because I’m American doesn’t mean I’m right. That my normal isn’t necessarily normal to everyone and sometimes my normal is just super weird. That history is written by the victor but that doesn’t mean the victims or the losers or the not-quite-victors have lost their voice or have nothing to say. And that sometimes I will be the victor and sometimes I won’t.

What about you - what trip(s) do you carry with you?


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