Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Belly Date Night

Experts from all over the place recommend married couples have date nights. The idea is that the couple regularly set aside one evening to spend time together doing something that both enjoy. While, the Mr. and I haven’t needed to commit ourselves to something like that (yet?), we have been making a conscious effort to clean-up and enjoy quality time, particularly now in the last few weeks before the worm makes his grand effort. Well, at least on those evenings when I’m not nauseous or glued to the couch by 5pm.

Thankfully yesterday was one of those evenings and we enjoyed a relaxed, yummy Indian dinner. I even threw on a dressy shirt. I had one of my favorites, Bindi Gosht, and it was so worth the heartburn. The little worm seemed to enjoy it too, at least he danced all evening.

Happy Birthday Little One!

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