Monday, June 27, 2011

Cornflake Cordon Bleu

Surprise, surprise another food entry by the impatient pregnant lady (should I rename my blog?).

This is my family’s favorite brunch/breakfast dish called Bitner’s Eggs. It’s a yummy casserole made of layers of eggs, ham, cheese, and white bread, with a cornflake topping. Growing up I remember trying to get the biggest piece possible in the first serving because there was never a second serving. I have a clear memory of my two uncles, who were both in their teens at the time, holding back my aunt who is just a few years older than I am, while they emptied out the last scraps of food from the dish and into their mouths.

Yeah, its that yummy.

Every once in a while I pull out the recipe. With the exception of one memorable brunch – turns out the majority of the people were vegetarians and another large percentage of them were lactose intolerant – almost everyone has enjoyed the dish. It usually starts with:

“Cornflakes on top of soaked bread with eggs and ham? Um, I’ll start with a little piece.”

Followed by:

“This is actually good. I’ll have another piece.”

I don’t know why the dish is called Bitner’s eggs and it turns out to be relatively difficult to remember. Yesterday I brought the dish to a friend’s birthday. We went through the usual ritual of a small piece followed by another piece, although this time people thought it was a cream-based almond cake (not sure where that came from). Almost everyone asked me for the name and the ingredients of the dish and although I repeated “Bitner’s Eggs” a million times almost everyone missed it, misunderstood it, or forgot it.

So I started to tell people the name the Mr. gave the dish in a moment of genius. Its something easy to remember: Cornflake Cordon Bleu. He has a point. Chicken Cordon Bleu is a dish of chicken stuffed with ham and cheese with a crunchy covering. It’s fatty, filling, and super yummy - just like Cornflake Cordon Bleu.

Cornflake Cordon Bleu is it!


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