Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What the Mr. Learned in Birth-Prep Class

We finished our birth-prep class last week. Breaking with tradition and unlike 95% of men over here, the Mr. attended the course with me every single night that we were able to go. We covered all sorts of topics like how a natural birth happens, partner massage, various pain options, c-sections, breastfeeding, etc. The midwife did a good job trying to include the very few men that attended the course and the Mr. did his absolute best to pay attention. His massage skills improved greatly over the seven week course.

I’m sure he learned a lot but I think what stuck with him the most is how huge my butt has gotten. To ensure I shared his lesson, he kindly (and secretly) took a photo of me from behind. What a guy!

Exactly four more weeks to go!



Teresa said...

aren't you the lucky one! way to catch a good one sister!

Anonymous said...

Mom and I like your behind :D You look very smart!

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