Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aren't You Jealous?

This morning, the morning of my 42nd week of pregnancy – which means I have been pregnant for over 10 months – one of the online pregnancy communities sent me their weekly newsletter. Its directed to everyone around the overdue pregnant woman and is titled “10 Things Not to Say to an Over Due Pregnant Woman." I attended a Baptist church a few times and it seems I picked up some of their more interactive behaviors because I was calling out “Amen!” and “That’s Right” and especially when I reached number 10 “Preach it!!”

Being 42 weeks pregnant is tons of fun. While we are blessed – the Worm and I are both very healthy and I live in Europe, so I still have an income coming in – the heartburn has never been stronger; the nausea approaching constant waves in the evenings; TV & Internet more boring; my legs have literally never been this sore; and the ‘projects’ more brain-numbing. And since it appears that a number of people think I’m pressing my legs closed in a successful attempt to extend my pregnancy for as long as possible, I thought I’d share some of the very exciting things I do each day. Like laundry and cleaning floors and surfing the internet and this one:

Yes, indeed, de-icing my freezer.

You should be jealous. Very jealous. I’m living the life of a rock star! Rihanna step back.



Mary Craig said...

My freezer looks exactly like yours, only it's inside my fridge. Microscopic. I vaguely remember the days of walking up to my 6' side-by-side and getting a glass of ice cold water. Jealous? I'm trying not to be impatient is more like it. And how rude would that be?

Anna Eaton said...

Well you can at least feel better knowing that no woman has stayed pregnant forever. Is that one of the 10 comments not to say to an overdue woman ? haha, never read the list, but I was there. My first came at 41 weeks 5 days. You are lucky you dont live in the states. You would have been induced by now :) Or had a huge argumenet with your OB.

Marlyn said...

Great article! I just hit 41 weeks and man, that article hits every nail on the head. The most annoying to me right now is the "when are you going to be induced" question - it drives me nuts. I take comfort in knowing that the more the baby grows inside, the better she will eat and sleep when she is on the outside!

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