Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Wearing

Our little guy may have been evicted from his first apartment 10 days after his lease was up, but he still demands certain luxuries, particularly the Constant Heartbeat Soundtrack. Thankfully over the past 17 days he has gotten a lot less picky about whose heartbeat it is; we’ve branched out from just mine and the Mr.’s to just about anyone’s. My son, the heart beat whore. Bless him.

Yet carrying him around on our chests isn’t always the most practical solutions. Enter baby carrying with Didymos.

Thankfully PJ seems to enjoy the wrap (as long as he is calm when slipped in) and has been known to enjoy a nap lasting up to two hours. And while he sleeps we can use our two free hands to things like laundry, write blogs, tidy up a little, or just sit or lay with our hands free.

It really is the little things.


1 comment:

Teresa said...

oh that is super exciting!!! i'm glad that they wrap is working well =)

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