Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gettin Better

This picture pretty sums up week one: exhausted, confused, and overwhelmed with theory crashing into reality. Because theoretically I'm against binkies; you'll notice that my theory is worth about a dollar two-ninety-eight in the real world when PJ had another meltdown that I'm sure had a reason, I just couldn't figure out what it was.

But we survived! Still exhausted, still confused, still overwhelmed, but at least I'm back to smiling.
Yes, time played a role, but so did many of you. Thank you for not asking and just stepping in. Thank you for answering my desperate call for breastfeeding help on Facebook (even reposting my call for help). Thank you for the reminders that I can absolutely abuse my midwife with questions, questions, questions. Thank you for calling and leaving messages that it all gets better. Thank you for coming around and staying not-too-long or for still waiting - impatiently, I know - for us to finally get back with a day that works (this boy needs an assistant to schedule all his appointments already). Thank you for the food, cake, and drink.

Thank you.

Week two is shaping up to be a chaotic but far more enjoyable ride.



Sandra said...

Hang in there. And regarding the binky ... I was very determined not to use one because I thought I could manage without. I got weak in week one and it helps my little girl not to spit up food... so when the plan met reality it needed to be adjusted and now she loves her fsvorite binky and I aprreciate it and hope at the same time to be a able to use it again soon.

sarah muench said...

Thanks for leading the way lady. Good luck!

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