Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shopping with S-Squared

My sister-in-law, S-Squared, aka the hot babysitter, is invited to a few weddings this summer. As a beautiful, tall, slender, fashion conscious woman that translates into a new dress. So recently my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I spent an afternoon shopping in a city close to where we all live.

Let’s take a moment of pause here please: I went shopping. With other women. Voluntarily. For a dress that I wasn’t going to wear. Ever.

Dear friends and family, I swear I’m not making this up. Actually it gets better, I asked if I could join them.

I assume if you know me, you’ll need to take a moment to close your mouth and catch your breath. I am the woman who went to a grand total of two shops to explore wedding dress fashions and options and then took half of one day to choose the dress pattern, the fabric, and all the trimmings for the final dress. I go store-shopping maybe twice a year (mostly in back home in the U.S.); the rest I order on the internet. And boy am I thankful for Internet shopping.

But I’m darn bored waiting for our little worm to arrive, so I asked if I could join them and we had a lovely afternoon. The weather was perfect, cool and sunny. The city was alive with energy and movement. It did me really good to get out of the house, into a busy area, watching the darn interesting people out there. And we found The Dress. Thank goodness because I need results.

S-Squared looks stunning in the gentle, feminine color in flowing, layered fabric that emphasizes both her amazing skin and her tall, womanly stature. After the weddings, I might share a picture of it here.

Until then…while I did voluntarily join a shopping trip, I didn’t completely lose my mind. When I saw a very special dress – hanging in the “exclusive, high-fashion” area of one of the stores with a price tag of about 300euros (that $435) – I knew S-Squared had to try it on. Thankfully, she is an amazing sport, even letting me take a picture with full knowledge it would end up here on Pickles and Onions.

Yes, that is indeed a peacock on the side of that dress. (Okay, we might have added that headband.) I may not know much about fashion and I use even less than I know, but if this is ‘high-fashion’, I'm holding onto my jeans and t-shirts even tighter!



Teresa said...

that looks like so much fun! Super cute dress. Is that the one that you are going to get for yourself then nicole? =)

Lil Koala said...

I gotta tell you a) your in the right country for jeans and t-shirt wearing love and b) put that body in a potato sack and she will still look good!

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