Friday, July 15, 2011

Week One!

Happy one week birthday, PJ! The first week was like all first weeks (according to our midwife, family, and friends): chaotic, rewarding, stressful, very (!!) painful for mom's breasts, lacking in sleep, and overwhelming with beautiful, moments of a joy I never knew could exist. I'm sure it was even more but I'm too tired to remember what I don't write down the moment it happens.

The three of us have gotten a little more comfortable with each other - most of the time:
 And when we aren't all completely happy, we all chip in to maybe make it a little better:

Little PJ has also changed so much in this first week. His strength has multipled by a gagillion percent and his lung capacity has certaintly increased as well. In those sweet moments, its amazing. It those flip-out moments, its, well, strong and loud. We still managed to celebrate that first moment when PJ pushed himself away from the Mr.'s chest with the strength of his legs along while shrieking his head off. Fascinating what parents can get excited about.

A lot has changed for me as well, especially in regards to my shape and the relationship I have with my breasts. For the sake of this blog entry, lets stick to my shape - more on the breastfeeding some other day when I'm less emotional about it all.

Here I am exactly one week ago.

Here I am just 7 days later. Amazing how quickly a body can change!

The Mr. has also changed a lot. One week ago he was looking forward to getting to know his little guy and be an active part of his life in as many ways as possible. 
He is now absolutely active, in all ways, including holding mommy when she can't stop crying, walking little PJ up and down, up and down when he can't stop crying, taking over bottle feedings when breast feeding wasn't working, changing diapers, and so much more, including burping. I like to think that PJ is grinning a little at this art piece.

Here we go into week two!



Teresa said...

happy blog! thanks for the post sister!!!

Nancy Larbi said...

Someone wise told me to let the baby cry a little and feel hunger. I can't remember why anymore.

I too remember the discomfort, the pain, and feeling totally "what am I doing"?

Your man sounds so wonderful.

I love you dear.

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks

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