Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of an Era

Over two years ago while visiting the US, my sister and I bought ourselves some pretty rad, extremely goofy sunglasses. Mine were red with bizarre stars on them; hers were orange with something I can't remember on them. I liked the looks of amusement, what-is-she-wearing (nod to Style Queen here), and sometimes stuffy disgust when I wore mine out and about, especially recently while baby wearing PJ. When Little One was here, we got to rock our shades together all throughout Heidelberg.

But yesterday an era ended: my crazy red-with-stars sunglasses broke in the diaper bag.

And lately that is how I have been feeling: an end of an era. I jokingly tell people that life with PJ got easier when I forgot what it was like before and then I laugh. But really, honestly, its the truth. I cannot really recall what life was like before PJ arrived anymore.

Did I sleep late? Did I shower longer? Did I eat slower? Did food taste better warm? What was it like to drink two glasses of wine? Did I walk more? What was regular yoga like? What did I talk about? What did I read?

Yeah, I don't know. An end of an era. And something about that actually feels right.

How 'bout them apples?



starryfright said...

It's absolutely different when you take the time to think about it (Which is hard to do when someone is pooping, screaming, hungry, wet, dirty, or eating inanimate objects). At this point though, I can't ever imagine my life without Emily. She's so interesting and fun. I never imagined loving the way that a mother loves her child.

P.S. Love all the PJ videos.

Teresa said...

sister of mine. you told me that you were excited to not remember what it was like before little boo. i am sending love hugs to you and a "i knew you could do it." this just means that we have to find extra pimp shades this may. oOoOo <3 oOoOo

Pickles and Onions said...

Amber - totally agree! How old is your little one these days?

Pickles and Onions said...

Teresa - I'm soooo in! This time Bubby needs a pair too!

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