Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three Months and What a Day!

PJ is three calendar months today! He has been growing and growing the past few days and we have had to sort out even more clothes. We estimate he's grown about an inch and gained almost half a kilo in the past week alone. Thankfully we still have some outfits to dress him up in, including the most adorable outside outfit EVER:

  (one picture just wasn't enough cuteness)

Today we finally made good on the planned sushi outing, meaning PJ got to cuddle and flirt with some very hot ladies while mommy enjoyed sushi! Yummy, yummy sushi; how I missed thee.


Then Little One (also referred to as Super Sister), PJ, and I walked through a gentle fall rain in the center of Heidelberg checking out shops.

To wrap up a wonderful day, PJ added his own touch by pooping all the way up his back and into the folds of his neck - Folds. Of. His. Neck. - and then splashing around in a very, very necessary bath.

Post bath (check out the adorable little fatty winkles!):

All around, a wonderful way to celebrate little PJ's entrance into the world three whole months ago.


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starryfright said...

It's good to see you both so happy. You really do look wonderful. And he's cute. Also, I'm amazed to admit that someone (you) may actually have more books than I do. Although I did lose half in the divorce. LOL, it makes me feel better about owning them all.

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