Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Celebration of a Different Sort

Last year I ushered in the big 3-0 with a party with loads of friends and a little secret now named PJ. This year, I celebrated my first birthday as a mommy and, while it was totally different, it was just as good.

Instead of a large party, I celebrated with my first post-pregnancy massage; a lingering brunch with my boys; an afternoon at the swimming pool; and finally a home cooked meal (no chili this year), excellent red wine, and a silly romantic comedy. It was quiet, refreshing, and just right.

I wasn't quite sure what the gift was at first - turns out it was a fountain pen. Awesome!

PJ helping with the wrapping paper.

My perma-cake from my parents a few years ago.

Of course the calls, text messages, and over 100 birthday wishes on Facebook were a nice touch. Thanks everyone!



Teresa said...

You look so great sister! Very happy, also. Congrats on the massage!!! =]

jrcanuck said...

Hi Nicole,

Belated Happy Birthday!
Great picture and what a beautiful baby! You look very happy!
How are things in general & at work?
I picked up 2 of my sons from Ohio yesterday and we are celebrating American Thanksiving at our house today in Ontario with a nice turkey dinner (Two Thanksgivings for us this year!).
We are travelling to Montreal tomorrow for my mother's 93rd birthday & then it's back to Ohio to drop the boys off.
I am on another internal project that I just joined. It's a global marketing project (Marketing Mix Optimization) both John Beisty & Ken Demma are associated with this team; but there is no budget for travel, so unfortunately I will not make it to Germany to visit.
I hope that you had a good time on your birthday!

Take Good Care


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