Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Markets!

The Christmas season has started big time in Germany and that means Christmas markets, glühwein, and unlimited waffles. I still love my waffles! This weekend our small town had our Christmas market and we all checked it out.

Small side story: on our way to the market, I decided to take out some trash. Normally the Mr. takes care of this chore but the bag was sitting there, ready to go, so I picked it up and carried it down the stairs. Turns out that we are only allowed to take our trash out during specific times of the day...and this wasn't one of those times. I'm not sure why but I felt the strong need to rebel on that one; I was super quiet and threw the trash out anyway.  The Mr - ever the German - actually hid behind some cars in case I got "caught". Look closely and you'll find him:

Back to the point of this blog ...

Before we could hit up our little town's Christmas market, the Mr. had to take care of something very important: voting on a policy question. One this I like about my hubby is that he always votes, taking advantage of his vote to impact his country. This time little PJ went with him and already learning about democracy and voting!  Super, right?

As soon as that happened, we were off to the Christmas market. Naturally our little guy was quite the star! I think we spoke to more people this year than any other year. PJ stayed super warm, all cuddled up to his papa in the Ergocarrier (love the Ergo!). The Mr. got some glühwein, I enjoyed some hot juice, and we ate yummy market food.


A very successful start to the holiday season!


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