Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Little man got all decked out yesterday for a special day times two: Halloween (of course) and Oma's birthday (even better). 

Mommy was super proud of her little pumpkin: 

The birthday girl, also known as PJ's Oma, was also proud. Oma was extra beautiful for her birthday, even PJ was super impressed.

As usual PJ couldn't get enough of his uncle ...

...or his aunt.

Usually PJ goes to bed between 6 and 7pm, so staying up for a party that started at 6pm took some nap planning. I somehow managed to get him down for three morning naps in his own bed and then three short afternoon naps by taking a walk and by driving to the walk and then to the party. Although PJ was overwhelmed a few times by the sheer number of new faces, smells, and sounds, he was able to party with the guests until about 8pm.

Then he got a little grumpy (and slight demonic, or is it just the lighting?) ...

...and began to baptise friends and family with his late-night dinner.

Thankfully the Mr. managed to help PJ fall asleep and then PJ stayed asleep in a pack-n-play in a back room long enough for mommy and daddy to have something like a date night. 

What a good looking family we are, right?


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MrsJ said...

<3 happy people!

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