Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mommy Got Her Hair Did

Last week I realized I hadn't gotten my hair cut in about six months. Six months. With long hair that means: tangles, tangles, and even more tangles. Ouch. Since I'm celebrating my birthday (like that plug?) next week, I decided I had - HAD - to get my hair did. Then I learned that the hair dresser who has been taking care of me for years was off duty getting her masters. Double ouch.

After asking around I got a recommendation and discovered that the only appointment available before my birthday was during the afternoon when the Mr. was unavailable to take care of PJ. That could have been a reason not to get my hair done. Instead I swallowed big and arranged for our little man's first babysitter while awake. Thankfully Opa jumped at the opportunity.

Today when Opa arrived, I had to again swallow really big and walk out the door. Good thing PJ loves his Opa and cuddled up close as soon as he could. That made walking out the door a hella lot easier.

Thankfully the hair appointment went really well (and quick) and PJ was a happy camper until about ten minutes before I got home. I don't like when our little man cries, but it sure is good for my ego when he is crying because he misses me...and stops as soon as he is snuggled into my arms.

Thank you very much to Opa! I'm sure PJ enjoyed his time and is looking forward to another go at it sometime soon. 

ps. Like those red cheeks? 'Cause they herald in little man's first tooth - it just broke through his gums!

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