Friday, December 23, 2011

Gimme Grannie!

Two days ago we got to spend some 'quality time' with Grannie and Grandpa in the US over skype. PJ has already decided that my netbook belongs to him, so it should be of no surprise that his first real across-the-floor & get-out-of-my-way movement was towards his grandparents on my laptop.

I promised to load a pretty video of his scooching - here it is! You can hear my mom, Grannie, encouraging PJ throughout the video. If you look closely you'll catch his bottom lip going out (right before I say "bottom lip out"). The past few days have taught me that when the bottom lip comes out, I better watch out! PJ has decided he is gonna get something and I better not get in his way.

He's kinda like his momma, eh?


Since then he hasn't stopped moving and is actually getting faster. He also discovered the fun of removing ornaments from the Christmas tree too; the bottom branches are now bare!


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