Friday, December 2, 2011


We've got two babies in the house! Our little guy and his new friend, born just one day after him.

She, a German, got to experience the American system. Me, an American, got to experience the German one. Throughout our pregnancies we exchanged notes and it is amazing to me how different the systems are. In Germany there are more appointments, more ultra-sounds, less questions, less planning. My gyno had heard of a "birth plan" but had never seen one before. Now, the different systems continue: she is back to work doing an awesome job at balancing and finding joy in all parts of her life. I'm still on leave thankful for a generous social system that gives me the chance to be with my little boy and still have a paycheck coming in.

Really, for this one, Germany gets an A++++++

During our pregnancies, we had totally different symptoms. I slept all the time; she slept maybe five or less hours a night. I was nauseous and smelled everything; she sailed through the first three months. I had a little dancer that people could enjoy from the outside; her little one was active but a little more discrete. And while we both reached our 42 week of pregnancy and we were both induced, our births ended up totally different too. 

So, it shouldn't surprise us that our bundles of joy are so very different: PJ who never stops going, my little sparkler (he did that while I was pregnant too), and her chilled, hang-out dear. Long and lean Duracell baby; dimpled little Buddha baby.

But some things are the same. These babies are miracles, tenderly and deeply loved both their parents, with huge smiles, adorable giggles, and wonderful futures. And they have kick-ass moms.

ps. who got the A Christmas Story reference?


Brandwan said...

The picture of the four of you is perfect!!!! The two little ones are even looking at each other =]

B says that "he isn't quite ready for a kid but he reeeeally wants to just play with one!"

I said that he gets to play with one in May =]

Teresa said...

Aaaand that was me, not B.

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