Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ruining Dinner

These days I'm cooking a lot of dinner and while doing so I'm trying hard to make it colorful and healthy. For example, tonight we had fish, potatoes, and steamed broccoli; a nice, balanced meal. In general I try to eat relatively healthy. I don't do fast food - in fact, I drive the Mr. nuts with my inability to order correctly at McDonald's (in my defense they make it way too difficult) - and with my sensitivity to fructose, most processed foods make me ill.

But I love me some brown sugar frosted Poptarts. L.O.V.E. And you just can't buy brown sugar frosted Poptarts in Germany. Maybe because something like that can't get much more processed or unnatural. That seems to creep the Germans out. Fair enough. But I still love my brown sugar frosted Poptarts.

Occasionally I get a care package in my mail with some inside. Usually they have gotten a bit beaten up in the international mail, are in a bunch of pieces, and I have to toast them in my oven. And I still do a little happy dance; they still taste super yummy; and I'm still sad when I run out (which always happens way too quickly).

So imagine my joy when an extra large box of brown sugar frosted Poptarts was handed over to me this morning at my MOPS meeting. Poptarts that didn't get crushed in the mail. Poptarts in one piece that I can - and already have - toasted in my toaster.

Sometimes you just gotta forget being healthy and ruin your dinner.

ps. I still ate the fish, broccoli and potato. I need the calories for nursing. *cough*

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