Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Christmas Part 3

The final American Christmas package - the one from Grannie and Grandpa - finally last weekend. Thanks to the joy of Skype, we got to open it with Grannie online.

At the top of the box was a new hat with ears for little man. We promptly put it on and he was a happy camper. Looks like our man has gotta get hunting soon.

At the bottom of the box was a bag full of little play items for PJ. We slowly emptied the bag together, causing a bit of a dilemma for PJ: so many toys, so few hands.

We finally got to the bottom of the bag and it turned out to be a nativity set for little guy. It looks good, feels good, plays music, and (considering how enthusiastically PJ chews on the pieces) helps with teething. 

The set continues to be popular with little man. We find pieces all over the apartment, even the bathroom (telling mommy that she's has to get better at closing that door).

Then PJ wrapped up our last Christmas party with some daddy riding because what's better than that?


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